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Distinguished ACM Speaker:
Benjamin Kenwright
Based in United Kingdom


Dr Benjamin Kenwright is a highly skilled researcher, developer, leader in game technologies, management, and engineering operations.  Ben has spoken around the world on game technologies and interactive solutions in both industry and academic contexts.  His work has been featured in the press, broadcast and online media.  Benjamin is an associate professor/course leader for all the undergraduate and postgraduate games degrees at Southampton Solent University.  He studied at both the University of Liverpool and Newcastle University before moving on to work in the game industry and eventually joining the School of Media Arts and Technology at Solent in 2016.  Ben is a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Senior Member of the IEEE, ACM and the British Computer Society. His research interests include real-time systems, evolutionary computation, and interactive animation.  Benjamin has over twenty years' experience in research, teaching, and industrial project management.


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  • Debugging Game Systems (Practical Debugging):
    The practical challenges of debugging large software projects (such as video games) is important – not just the ability to track down issues but to write software that makes the process as painless as possible.  On average a commerc...
  • Inverse Kinematics:
    Inverse kinematics is the mathematical process for calculating the movement of objects. This is useful in a whole range of fields, from engineering and robotics to medical analysis and video games. However, the implementation of a robust inver...
  • High Performance Graphics with Vulkan:
    This lecture introducing the listener to the Vulkan cross platform 3D graphics API - including examples and discussion on the practical aspects. The lecture address questions, such as: 
    •   What the Vulkan...
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Teaching Video Games in Higher Education: This lecture discusses the opportunities and challenges of video game curricula. The talk explores the diversity of the subject from both an artistic and technical perspective - centred around solutions with transferable skills, problem solving, adap...
  • Memory management: Fast Efficient Fixed-Sized Memory Pools:
    This lecture discusses the importance of memory in the context of performance.  We examine and present a ready-to-use, robust, and computationally fast fixed-size memory pool manager with no-loops and no-memory overhead that is highly sui...

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