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Distinguished ACM Speaker:
Dongwon Lee
Based in VA, USA


Dongwon Lee is an associate professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (a.k.a. iSchool) of the Pennsylvania State University, USA. Since Jan. 2015, in addition, he has been serving as a program director at National Science Foundation (NSF), co-managing the SFS and SaTC-EDU programs of the yearly budget of $40M. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA in 2002. With the research interests in data science, social computing, and human computation, he has (co-)authored over 130+ scholarly articles that have appeared in selective publication outlets. He has given tutorials at WWW, ICDE, CIKM, SBBD, DASFAA, served in TPC of major data science venues such as SIGMOD, VLDB, ICDE, KDD, ICDM, AAAI, IJCAI, WWW, and is currently serving as an associate editor of the VLDB J. Further details of his research can be found at: .

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  • Human Computation in Data Science: As a novel computation paradigm, human computation (a.k.a. crowdsourcing) is being actively pursued in diverse academic disciplines. Within computer science, many sub-fields have also embraced the concept of human computation with open arms and appli...
  • LIKEs-R-Us: Analyzing LIKEs in Social Media: The recent dramatic increase in the usage and prevalence of social media has led to the creation and sharing of a significant amount of information in various formats such as texts, photos, or videos. When it comes to information consumption, people ...

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