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The Future of User Interaction Design

Speakers: Bebo White
Topic(s): Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interactive Techniques,Emerging Technologies,Human Computer Interaction,Software Engineering


User interaction design is one of the most active and exciting research and development areas in computer science. As IT becomes more pervasive in every aspect of day-to-day life, interaction efficiency becomes more critical. As exciting new and more personal interaction mechanisms are introduced (e.g., wearables, augmented reality, gestural/haptic systems, etc.) it is reasonable to ask what role they might play in future application interfaces. Likewise, what will be the anticipated role of user interaction design in cloud-based systems, embedded sensor environments, the Internet of Things (IOT), mobile systems, and data visualization/analytics? Will the traditional user interaction design methods and prototyping/testing techniques be sufficient to address these new interfaces? These are some of the issues and challenges that will be addressed in this lecture.


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Number of Slides: 50
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Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 06-16-2017
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