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High Performance Graphics with Vulkan

Speakers: Benjamin Kenwright
Topic(s): Computer Systems,Game Development,Science & Computing,Software Engineering


This lecture introducing the listener to the Vulkan cross platform 3D graphics API - including examples and discussion on the practical aspects. The lecture address questions, such as: 
•   What the Vulkan API does that’s different than previous graphical API (e.g., OpenGL and DirectX)
•   What are the elements of Vulkan (high-level overview)
•   How do we initialize and setup a basic Vulkan program?
•   The practical challenges of working with Vulkan
•   What challenges are involved in solving high-performance graphical problems?
•   Limitations and advantages of Vulkan
•   Real-world applications (e.g., real-time solution, graphics, video games)
•   Implementation/practical aspects


About this Lecture

Number of Slides: 31
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 05-25-2017
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