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Agile ITIL: An Approach for Practical Implementation of ITIL

Speakers: Haitham Hamza
Topic(s): Emerging Technologies


IT Service Management (ITSM) standards and frameworks aim at improving the design, implementation, and operation of IT services to ensure delivery of business value in a cost-effective way. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework is a collection of process areas (PAs) for service management that has been adopted widely over the last two decades or so in small as well as large enterprises and in various business domains. ITIL framework has 26 process areas that span five phases in the life cycle of an IT service, starting from service strategy to operation and continual service improvement. Because the ITIL is not a standard and has no prescribed way for adoption, several complexities and misconceptions aroused over the years in how to best adopt and adapt the ITIL framework in practice. 

In this talk, I will explain in details several key observations and misconceptions that typical lead to failed ITIL adoption in practice. In addition, I will introduce the concept of Agile ITIL Adoption approach that I implemented successfully in various business domains. The essence of the approach is to exploit the dependency and interaction among the various processes in the ITIL life cycle phases to ensure quick business value creation and delivery. The Agile ITIL approach executes several short implementation cycles, each consist of a coherent set of processes that, together, can create a tangible value to the business. I will explain the approach and demonstrate its use in real-life projects is through case studies. 


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Number of Slides: 80
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: Arabic, English
Last Updated: 08-03-2016
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