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Value Creation with Open Data: Potentials and Challenges

Speakers: Haitham Hamza
Topic(s): Emerging Technologies,Open Source,Software Engineering


Open Data, as defined by the Open Data Institute (ODI), refers to the data that is made available by organizations, businesses and individuals for anyone to access, use and share. The ecosystem for successful open data adoption must consider three main value chain elements; namely, producers, consumers, and users. Data producers are typically responsible for generating and maintaining open data. Producers may benefit directly (e.g., private business) or indirectly (e.g. governmental) from providing good quality data in an open format. Data consumers make use of open data to create business value for end users (e.g., smart cities applications). Finally, data users include entities that realize values by using applications developed by data consumers.   

Clearly, a successful large-scale adoption of open data should be able to create value for end users and capture value for both data providers and consumers.  This can be done if all the three elements defined in the ecosystem above are synchronized and mainstreamed. Open data consumers need to be capable of consuming data published and maintained by data providers, and they need to use appropriate tools and technologies to develop effective and efficient applications that create a clear value for their end users. In reality; however, these three elements are difficult to synchronize. Moreover, it is typically difficult to enforce synchronization and alignment between these ecosystem elements without enforcing data-related laws and regulations. 

This talk discusses the value creation and value capture potentials and challenges for open data. The talk focuses on the practical challenges that face providers, consumes, and users of Open Data in practice. Real-life examples of open data value creation and capture are also discussed. In addition, techniques and tools used for value creation with open data are highlighted. 


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Number of Slides: 70
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: Arabic, English
Last Updated: 07-28-2016
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