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Can you trust what you see? The magic of visual perception

Speakers: Oge Marques
Topic(s): Computers and Society,Emerging Technologies,Human Computer Interaction,Multimedia


This lecture presents and explains a diverse collection of visual perception phenomena that challenge our common knowledge of how well we detect, recognize, compare, measure, interpret, and make decisions upon the information that arrives at our brain through our eyes. It also explains the relationships between the latest developments in human vision research and emerging technologies, such as: self-driving cars, face recognition and other forms of biometrics, and virtual reality. After seeing a large number of examples of optical illusions and other visual phenomena, this talk will make you wonder: can you really trust what you see? 


About this Lecture

Number of Slides: 40
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: English, Portuguese
Last Updated: 04-08-2016
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