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Challenges for the development of digitally-enhanced ubiquitous environments.

Speakers: Alessio Malizia
Topic(s): Computer Graphics, Visualization and Interactive Techniques,Human Computer Interaction,Mobile Computing,Multimedia


Ubiquitous Computing is considered as an extension of physical environment capabilities, allowing a computational infrastructure to be present everywhere in the form of networked processing devices, distributed at all scales throughout everyday settings. Computation is no more localized in a single point (e.g., the desktop terminal) but it is extended to different spots of the real world setting. Digitally- augmented spaces are a manifestation of this concept of ubiquitous environments. They are physical spaces where the affordances of physical objects are augmented with digital capabilities thus creating ecology of heterogeneous networked devices. In this talk we will explore together the challenges and issues of digitally-enhanced ubiquitous systems. 


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Number of Slides: 46
Duration: 76 - 90 minutes
Languages Available: English, Italian, Spanish
Last Updated: 09-30-2015
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