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Universal Design in Learning

Speakers: Samee Khan
Topic(s): Cloud and Infomation Retrieval,Computer Systems,Distributed Systems and Algorithms,Education


It is a well-known fact that the human learning experience is not universal. Consequently, when developing instructional materials, we must be cognizant of techniques and procedures that may make learning accessible and appealing to all human beings, regardless of their mental and physical abilities. Such an ideology encourages the utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in developing learning modules by keeping the design of such modules universal.  

In this talk, we will discuss universal design in learning and elaborate on how effective such methodologies can be in various circumstance. The important role of ICT in developing such instructional materials also will be discussed. We will provide illustrative examples from programming, signal processing, and embedded systems to emphasis of the importance of universal design in learning.


About this Lecture

Number of Slides: 50
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 08-25-2015
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