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Digital Civics: Digital technologies, citizenship, and social renewal

Speakers: Peter Wright
Topic(s): Human Computer Interaction


We are living through a time of unparalleled austerity, a time in which cuts to local government and local service provision threaten to deepen already existing inequalities and thwart the aspirations of a generation.  HCI as a discipline has long considered itself to be the human-face of computing, yet the field has been slow to pick up on these challenges and to explore the potential that digital technologies have as a response to this global issue. At Newcastle University we have developed a research programme- Digital Civics, to explore this potential. In this talk I will outline a vision of how a combination of digital technologies and design thinking can be used to fundamentally reorient the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed. I will argue that new digitally-enabled, grassroots models of local service provision could in the future provide better rather than less public services and provide new models of citizenship and participation.  I will illustrate the vision by describing some prototype digital services that we have been developing at Newcastle University. 


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Number of Slides: 25
Duration: 40 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 05-14-2015
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