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Inclusive Technologies

Speakers: Vicki Hanson
Topic(s): Accessibility,Computers and Society,Education,Human Computer Interaction,Web Topics



Nearly 1 of every 5 people either currently has a disability or will develop a one in their lifetime.  For these individuals, inability to use digital devices and services can cut them off from societal participation in areas ranging from government services, to banking, to entertainment.  While technology offers the potential of being a lifeline for disabled people as well as a path to employment and independence, it is all too often the case that new products and services are designed in ways the limit access for these individuals.  

Inaccessibility need not be the case, however.  While new devices and applications will continue to be developed, it is quite possible to design them in such a way that nearly everyone can use them. Making technology accessible is not cost free, however Ð designing for inclusion takes time, creativity, and effort.  But the societal costs of exclusion are high.  This talk explores a range of issues surrounding design for inclusion, seeking to understand and address problems that create barriers to technology adoption and use.  It examines issues related to language and communication, mobility, and societal participation. Examples from current research efforts will be given, with a particular emphasis on cross-cutting issues that address diverse needs.


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Number of Slides: 40
Duration: 45 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 06-20-2013
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