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Dynamic Data Management in Mobile P2P Networks

Speakers: Sanjay Kumar Madria
Topic(s): Cloud and Infomation Retrieval,Databases & Information,Mobile Computing,Security & Information Protection


ynamic Data management has become a necessity in emerging networks (e.g., mobile ad hoc networks and mobile P2P networks) to address fragile wireless connections and devices with very limited capacity.  Moreover, traditional methods of data management in mobile environments generally consider only single-hop client-server communication. On the other hand, in mobile P2P networks, the network communication is multi-hop and mobile devices can collect real time data. Due to the dynamic nature of moving hosts, network topology changes very often, thus data availability can be low. Consequently, traditional data management schemes are not adequate for the purpose of maintaining availability. Most mobile technologies physically support broadcast data management mechanisms and a node can take advantage of a push paradigm to disseminate information to all mobile clients in its cell or pull information from mobile devices and integrate to get real time information. However, nodes have limited battery power, which needs to be preserved. Furthermore, in mobile P2P networks, economic models may play a better role in incentivizing peers to collaborate for data discovery and management. In this seminar, I will discuss dynamic data management and service discovery issues in Mobile P2P networks. In particular, I will focus on the following topics:
1.     Issues in Data Management in Mobile P2P Networks
2.     Dynamic Data Replication and Caching in Mobile P2P
3.     Economic Incentive Models for Data Management in Mobile P2P


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Number of Slides: 50
Duration: 150 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 02-11-2013
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