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Cooperative Developer Testing: How Human and Machine Cooperate to Get Job Done

Speakers: Tao Xie
Topic(s): Education,Game Development,Human Computer Interaction,Software Engineering


Tool automation to reduce manual effort has been an active research area in various subfields of software engineering such as developer testing (where developers test their code as they write it). Manual developer testing is often tedious and insufficient. Then testing tools can be used to enable economical use of resources by reducing manual effort. To maximize the value of developer testing, effective and efficient support for cooperation between developers and tools is greatly needed and yet lacking in state-of-the-art research and practice. In particular, developer testing practice is in a great need of (1) effective ways for developers to communicate their testing goals and guidance to tools and (2) techniques and tools with strong enough capabilities to accomplish the given testing goals -- enabling a feedback loop between developers and tools to refine and accomplish the testing goals. A new research frontier on synergistic cooperation between developers and tools is yet to be explored. In this talk, the speaker will present recent advances towards the methodology of cooperative developer testing. The first one is on precisely identifying and reporting problems that prevent test-generation tools from achieving high structural coverage, in order to reduce the efforts of developers in providing guidance to the tools. The second one is on engineering an automated testing tool for serious games in computer science (, in order to help users (e.g., K-12 and undergraduate students) to learn critical computer science skills such as problem solving skills and abstraction skills.


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Number of Slides: 50
Duration: 60 minutes
Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 03-04-2011
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