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A Transaction Model and Multiversion Concurrency Control For Mobile

Speakers: Sanjay Kumar Madria
Topic(s): Databases & Information,Mobile Computing,Web Topics


Transaction management on Mobile Database Systems (MDS) has to cope with a number of constraints such as limited bandwidth, low processing power, unreliable communication, and mobility etc. As a result of these constraints, traditional concurrency control mechanisms are unable to manage transactional activities to maintain availability.  Innovative transaction execution schemes and concurrency control mechanisms are therefore required to exploit the full potential
of MDS.  In this paper, we report our investigation on a multi-versions
transaction processing approach and a deadlock-free concurrency control
mechanism based on multiversion two-phase locking scheme integrated with a timestamp approach. We study the behavior of the proposed model with a simulation study in a MDS environment. We have compared our schemes using a reference model to argue that such a performance comparison helps to show the superiority of our model over others. Experimental results demonstrate that our model provide significantly higher throughput by improving degree of concurrency, by reducing transaction wait time, and by minimizing restarts and aborts.


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Languages Available: English
Last Updated: 05-02-2008
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